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Magic Rush Heroes Hack Available

Elex, a company that developed a few titles such as Sword of King: Excalibur and Sky Commander and Vikings: Ages of Warlords, is now offering you Magic Rush Heroes. The game is a line defense and tower that can be played throughout Android platform. As the name implied, the game has a primary focus: evolving heroes as your units and your tower defenders in an instanced maps. There is even a series of starter “heroes” in campaign mode, through which you have to chase certain enemies.

How to Play Magic Rush Heroes

Its gameplay have such a character, in which it is interconnected into a mythos. It means that a player have to focus on leveling and evolving the hero pool throughout each map available in the campaign mode. A hero may be jumping into other modes if it’s available too. Each unit must be moved in order so the mission get succeeded. Furthermore, Magic Rush has five unit types, each of which can be selected and thus become a part of your team of five. There is star ranking used to put your hero into classification. The highest is five, whereas the lowest is one star. You can increase the level of your units too, by using them on quests/maps. There is, however, an option through which you can use exp containers. They can be gathered by playing the game within certain period of time.

There are runes that can be used to improves the ability of your heroes. However, each hero will get specific runes per slot and per level, as he reach certain levels. The rune has another function, that is, to open up equipment slots per hero. The rune function as an item to strengthen the unit.

Up to that point alone, we may mention several features of the game which include:

  1. speed and strategy combine, in which a player can master them both.
  2. Summon heal, knock airborne, silence, and even an attack to stun. A player can also interrupt enemy skills.
  3. Choose targets manually or directing heroes when casting skills. It is up to you.
  4. Summon powerful attacks.
  5. Defend the kingdom.
  6. Train the power of your heroes.
  7. RTS and RPGs combination, with which you can reach the ultimate Equipment System.
  8. Equipment enhancing, unique abilities and upgrades and rune inlaying can help in upgrading your defender, and they can be used for every kind of weapon.
  9. A player can combine multiple heroes in different ways.
  10. Choose diverse hero types, including many unlockable heroes, each of whom comes with distinctive skills.
  11. Awesome rewards.
  12. Ban your opponent’s heroes in order to defend your victory.
  13. A hero will take charge in a global war involving cross-server PVP Arena.
  14. The game will lety you conquer enemies through RTS battles. You can become the dominant alliance.
  15. Having alliance from millions of players and you all can defend the kingdom together.
  16. Certain combat situation challenges you to upgrade your tech, dispatch your armies, and build your tower. You can even plunder some resources from main enemies.
A constant updates over the game would actually give you in-game events and new heroes. The current version is 1.1.89. In order to reach victory, one must gather more and more resources such as diamond.

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